“The session was a change from the usual serious didactic presentations and gave a serious message with just the right level of humour”

Adrina Hardcastle, Medical Education Manager, Bassetlaw Postgraduate Centre, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals


“It’s designed to get people in a happier state of mind and if people move into a happier state of mind they are more positive in their outlook.  If they are more positive in their outlook they are more resilient and more creative and become better solution providers”

Ishi Khan-Jackson


“We wanted to design a project which would enable members of the community to get involved.  So we came up with a project where people could actually train to be stand up comedians and then tell jokes to the community where they live.”

Mark Charlton, De Montfort University Square Mile Project


“We have a project now called Bright Sparks Comedy Asylum, and we have 12 workshops leading towards a show.  It’s always absolutely packed out and that’s the thing about comedy; it brings people together.  If you’re working with vulnerable groups who come into your workshops because they want a distraction, they want something to take their mind off things, even just for a couple of hours.  It can be a release from the world outside, even just for a little while.”

Katherine Brown, BrightSparks


“Getting young people and old people laughing together, that general wellbeing and happiness you get from having a laugh”

John Coster, Citizens Eye


“The session didn’t make me think about my own health, but of my family who all smoke”

Workshop Participant


“I discovered that the environment changed at home when I told my parents about the session and my involvement”

Workshop Participant


“This was a fun way to introduce and talk about serious/ sensitive issues”

Workshop Participant


“The project has brought the children together, who now work together better”