Health & Wellbeing

We have been working to improve the health & wellbeing of communities for the past 15 years.  Our innovative work has been recognised nationally as addressing health inequalities and engaging with diverse communities.  Our projects often focus on specific health issues and engage communities in designing and developing the activities, as well as taking part in the final projects.  Wider benefit and legacy is generated by encouraging members of communities to attend live performances as well as viewing the activities online and via social media.


Evaluation of the projects we have managed has strongly indicated that:


  • Comedy is an incredibly effective way of delivering serious messages


  • Humour is a useful tool when working to challenge individual’s perceptions, attitudes or beliefs


  • Comedy is also useful when developing the confidence, self-esteem and life skills of individuals, as well as a sense of community


  • Comedy encourages participants to let go of anxieties and arrive in the right frame of mind to learn, or to deal with difficult subject matters


  • Participants have said that they were able to retain much more through the use of comedy